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Faculty’s View Of TracSystem
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 05 August 2020 03:52 PM

Faculty’s View


Making sure your staff members have access to the information and features they need –and nothing more– is important. That’s why in this week’s Newsletter, we’ll be going over how you can customize your faculty’s Trac System experience. Starting with visual elements and showcasing useful features, then fine-tuning your faculty’s permission group settings...

Faculty Access

Faculty Access – Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs > FacultyAccess

Here, you can modify the message that appears when the Faculty member logs into the Trac System. You get a full text editor, so you can easily modify text or add images without using HTML tags (although the option is there if you prefer it).


Faculty Access 2

Faculty Courses – Home Screen

Here we see the faculty member’s assigned courses, as well as quick access to referrals if you have the SAGE module. The faculty can also click on the course title to quickly access the class roster. This option can be enabled or disabled in Trac Navigation > Search Glass > Center Profiles > [Your Center] > Group Access > Faculty > Faculty Options.

Faculty Courses

Creating a Second Tab – Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs > MainMenuCustomTab-Faculty

Write out what you’d like on your second tab, then click save. This will appear as a selectable tab within the faculty’s main menu window
Creating a Second Tab

Center Notices – Your Center Profile > Prefs > Notices

Here you can write a notice to your faculty. This appears in a gray box on their main menu. You can also write notices for other staff, students, or KIOSKs here as well. The name of the gray box is based on the name of your Trac profile.

Center Notices


Utilization – Home Screen

This tab allows your faculty to quickly view student visits straight from their home screen.


Group Access – Your Center Profile > Group Access > Faculty

This is one of the more comprehensive set of settings in the Trac System. Here we can fine-tune exactly what we want our faculty to have permission to view or edit.

Center Access – This tab controls which centers your faculty have access to, as well as some additional restriction options, such as what kind of messages they can send, which lists they have access to, what surveys they’re allowed to modify, and more.

Group Access


Student EntryThis tab lets you control what kind of access faculty have to student information.

Student Entry


Admin / Modules –This tab is where you’d control the level of administrative access your faculty would have.

Admin / Modules


RestrictionsHere we can restrict access to various parts of the Trac System.



More Questions?

Feel free to send us an email at, or by submitting a ticket through our helpdesk.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Activating and Deactivating Consultants
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 23 April 2020 10:53 AM

Activating and Deactivating Consultants

Now that we went over how to create our consultant, we are going to look at managing a few other things.

Go to Search Glass Icon > Center Profile > Consultants.

First you will see the Consultants full name. To the right of that you will see a check box.

By un-checking that box, we will be deactivating that record/account. Now they are inactive. If you look again to the right there is a red icon – this will allow you to delete a consultant record.




We strongly recommend that you NEVER delete a record. Doing so will result in deleting ALL data associated with the consultant – it would mess up reports. This means the visits records; appointment records and report will no longer have a consultant link to them. What we strongly suggest is that you always make an account that is no longer being used as inactive.

Marking them as inactive will allow all the remaining visit information tied to that visit to stay in the system.


How to run reports on inactive consultants?


I had a few tutors work in the summer program that no longer work for us during our fall program. Is there a way for me to go back and run reports that include the inactive consultants so we can get the most accurate reporting?

The answer is yes!

In order to do this, you will go to the Trac Navigation> Reports

When the report chooser opens up you will click on the drop-down arrow and choose “Students By”



You will see there is a blue hyperlink that reads “Consultant Search”

When that is clicked you will see this:



There will be a drop down that reads “Active” – letting you know that the report that is run is only showing active consultants.

If you change the drop down to “Inactive” it will only run the report on inactive consultants for that chosen date range.

If you choose “blank” then you will be running the report for both the active and inactive consultants for that date range.




If there are any questions about this please give us a call at 877-303-7575 option 1.

You can also send a ticket to


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Navigate Your Trac System Like a Pro!
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 21 April 2020 10:15 AM

Navigate Your Trac System Like a Pro!

The Trac Navigation is a powerful tool to navigate through your Trac System. We have many different search options that are available to you, to help easily Navigate and search the student, visits, registrations and even Faculty listings. This will be the first of a series of four Newsletters where we will talk about the different search options. In this week’s Newsletter we will start with the Trac Navigation and the different quick search options that are available to you.


Trac Navigation

The Trac Navigation is found in the top left-hand corner of every page.


Within the Trac Navigation there are two icons:

1) TracMan Icon: This is where you have access to the main features of the application such as the Log Listing, Schedule, Reports, as well as access to the different management functions within your Trac System. This is also where you can access and setup any additional modules that have been purchased such as SAGE, SurveyTrac, Whiteboard, etc…



2) The Search Glass Icon: When you hover over this Icon on the right side of the Trac Navigation it will pull up the different listings that are available in your Trac System. These are the different listings that we will be looking at today and how we can quickly search through the Student Listing, Visit Listing, Registrations and Faculty, using the Trac Navigation.




Trac Navigation Quick Search Options

@                     - is the wildcard

=                      - is equal to

#                      - is not equal to

>                      - is greater than

>=                    - is greater than or equal to

<                      - is less than

<=                    - is less than or equal to

…                     - is a range of values

;                       - is used between multiple REQUIRED phrases


All of these quick search options can be used to search for different records. Let’s start by first searching the student listing for all the students with the last name “smith”. To search for this list we will need to go to the Trac Navigation> Search Glass> Students, then in the Trac Navigation type in “Smith@” and press the enter key. Since the “@” symbol acts as a wildcard it will then pull all of the students with the last name that starts with “Smith”



Special Dates & Other Visit Field Search Options

Some other key words that can be used to search in the Trac Navigation are:

  • Today
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Semester
  • Yesterday
  • Last Week
  • Last Month
  • Tomorrow
  • Next Week
  • Next Month
  • Rsn= -For a Specific Reason
  • Cons= -For a Specific Consultant
  • Sect= -For a Specific Section
  • Ctr= -For a Specific Center

Now using some of these key words combined with the quick search options above, we can run some custom searches. For example let’s find everyone named Sandra who visited the Demo Learning Center for this month. Since we are searching for visits we will need to pull up the “Visits” listing under the Search Glass icon.

In the Trac Navigation we would type “Sandra;This Month;ctr=Demo Learning@” and press the enter key. This will now pull up in the Visit Listing all of the Student(s) name Sandra who came in for a visit this month to the Demo Learning Center.


We can also search the Visit Listing for any students that have come in during a specific date range.

In the Trac Navigation, type your date range separated by the “…” characters and this will find all of the visits for all students within this specific date range (see below).


The Trac Navigation search option is a great way to easily search through any listing in the system whether it be the Student, Visit, Registration or Faculty listing. In addition to the Trac Navigation search tool we also have more advanced search options such as the Power Search and Utility Search. Be on the lookout for future Newsletters where we further look into the advanced search options.


More Questions?

We hope that you find this newsletter helpful and as always if you have any questions on this or any other features, please feel free to let us by emailing or submitting a ticket. Enter any comments below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Waiting Room
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 21 April 2020 09:42 AM

Waiting Room

Do you have a Waiting Room? Do you need to record how long a student waited to see an advisor or tutor? With the Waiting Room feature you can record the wait time, see who is still waiting to be helped and more!

In this week’s Newsletter we will discuss how to add and use the Waiting Room feature to your Trac System.

First you will need to change a few settings that will allow you to activate the waiting room feature.

To access the Waiting Room settings, go to the Trac Navigation > Search Glass > select Center Profile > click on the Profile you need to add this feature to > Prefs Tab > Log In/Out Tab. We will focus on the first six preference


Use a Waiting Room

Activating the “Use a Waiting Room” preference allows you to collect Wait Time data. This applies in the situation where a student comes in to your center, logs in, and then waits to be assigned a Consultant. After the student logs in, the system places this student in a “Waiting Room” until either a Front Desk worker or Consultant takes the next step and assigns the student a Consultant for the session. 

The Waiting Room preference is typically used by Advising Centers. If a student Logs in and is waiting for the “First Available” Advisor, your Log Listing will indicate this student’s status.

At this point, our student is still waiting to be assigned a Consultant. Clicking on the icon of a person sitting looking at the clock will then initiate the beginning of the session, at which point, the “waiting to see” message will change to “being seen by”.


Choose Consultant on Login

Activating this preference allows the user who is signing in to select a Consultant during the Login process. The “# Choices” field just to the right determines the maximum number of Consultants displayed during Login. Consultants displayed in the drop down box during Login will be organized alphabetically, so if 30 consultants are linked to your Writing Center and you set the max to 10, the first 10 Consultants in alphabetical order will be displayed, if the Writing Center is selected.

Set initial status to ‘waiting’ on log in

This preference, if activated, will set the Student’s initial status to ‘Waiting’ upon log in. This preference is designed based on the assumption that Wait Time is a data field that is being collected. 


And include wait time in total time for visit

Activating this preference will include wait time with Total Visit Time. If Wait Time and Visit Time need to be separated, do not activate this preference. 


Allow “First Available” as a choice

This preference, if activated, allows “First Available” as a choice for students when selecting a Consultant. The “First Available” choice allows Consultants to then claim a student for a session, or Front desk workers to then assign a student to a Consultant.


Only ‘First Available’ for these subcenters (blank for all):

Activating this preference will only allow the “First Available” choice when users are asked to “Choose a Consultant”. 


Once you activate your settings you will now be able to run reports that will list the wait time for the individual student or an average for your center. Below is the Attendance by Hour Report and how to run it



Attendance by Hour Report


The Attendance by Hour Report displays the time of day that visits are occurring over a given date range. The attendance is plotted by number, and in a bar graph. The hours of the day are listed vertically on the left, and then columns to the right represent the number of students in the center at any given block of time. The average wait time will display in the middle. The report can be regenerated for an individual center or date range.

To generate the Attendance by Hour, click on Reports from the TutorTrac Main Menu. On the Reports Chooser, select Other from the pull down list of available categories. After selecting Other, choose Attendance by Hour. Choose center(s) then enter a date range for the time period that you would like to review in the report. Then click on the Generate Report button.







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Creating a New Student Profile
Posted by Sasha Contreras on 13 April 2020 03:56 PM

Creating a New Student Profile


As your university continues to grow it is exciting to have new students enrolling into your programs. However, when first learning to navigate the tutortrac system, creating new student profiles manually can seem challenging.

Tutortrac is user friendly and with this guide you will soon be an expert in no time!

In this tutorial I will be walking you through the steps of how to navigate tutortrac and utilizing screenshots as reference.


Step 1.

 Hover your cursor of the magnifying glass.



After the list of options appears select “Students”.



Step 2.

Click on the “List options” tab toward the top right corner of the new window, and select “New Student”.




Step 3.

Now you fill in the necessary information for you student including: Last name (Doe), First name (John), Email Address (, and Handle (Jdoe).

Once these fields have been filled out, don’t forget to hit SAVE!



Step 4.

Once all the information is filled in you can save the student profile you will be able to find the student by searching for their name or ID number. You can then go back at any time and fill out the remaining fields in the lower tabs of the window.

Note: If IT is importing students, you will need to make sure your manually created student has the same ID number as the profile that was imported from the student file. The student file can then auto populate with the information from the imported file versus creating a new file and entering the information manually.



Student ID feature

In order to assign a student the next available ID number, a global preference can be put in place.


To adjust this preference, go to the Trackman Icon and select “utilities and prefs”


Note: Only Administrators with this privilege can make the adjustment.






Next click on the “advance prefs” tab followed by entering “@next” in the search bar. Click the link and enter an ID number your campus is familiar with and can easily find then hit the “Save” button.






Now that the setting is in place Simply type in “NEW” into the student ID field for the new student entry and upon saving they will receive the next available student ID number.




More Questions?

We hope that you find this newsletter helpful and as always if you have any questions on this or any other features, please feel free to let us by emailing or submitting a ticket.  Enter any comments below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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